Tree Mapping

As part of the Green Cities program, the Urban Research Platform for Urban Environmental Quality has developed an IT-solution for counting trees.

Why is it important to count trees in the city?

We have noticed that urban development is not only about new neighborhoods, the wonderful transformation of squares and streets, but also the cause of the loss of many trees. Unfortunately, not every city government has an electronic tree map to help preserve information about each tree.

That's why we made an app that helps citizens save the information about trees.

After marking trees in the app, you can upload information about the marked trees (as a data layer in GeoJSON format) so that landscape professionals can take into account the location of existing trees when designing a new landscaping project.

You can use the application in 4 cities of Russia St.Petersburg, Krasnodar, Saratov and Perm, the curators of each city will tell you how to contribute to the common cause. If you are ready to join the tree mapping, fill out the form.